…and then I was in Brisvegas

9 12 2005

Welcome to my blog! I’ve been inspired by the laziness (and yet without seeming lazy) of my friend Mikey in London, who, after getting tired of emailing us all the time with those updates designed to make you jealous that you’re not overseas living it up, decided to have a blog instead. Which nicely puts the onus on everyone else but me to keep up with what I’ve been up to.

For those playing from home, I’ve just moved to sunny Brisvegas from equally sunny but not as hot Canberra. I woke up one day and decided to leave a (semi) stable job, relaxed and happy house, beautiful chooks and a fabulous group of friends to head north.

The trek itself was pretty calm and easy. I went up to Sydney on the Friday in Julie’s little blue shoebox after a frantic week of cleaning and giving stuff to people that I couldn’t take and generally getting the house looking schmick (thanks Dad). Luckily we missed the huge storm that hit Canberra a couple of hours after we left – the whole way was sunshine and good music and the occasional nap. Miff, Lan and Alby made it up a few hours later, after they had to drive the whole way through the storm. We all went out to a cool karaoke bar in the Cross where we drank too much, ate too much, sang a bit, and rolled home at 2am. All in all, a pretty good way to turn 27.

The next morning was a bit painful but we were being tough as we were going to Homebake, that fabulous festival of Oz music in the Domain. While I personally would have liked to be less hungover for the day (and really should not have gone on the Scorpion ride with Julie after lunch, which necessitated a bit of a lie-down under some trees), it was a fantastic day and we saw some great bands. After inciting a bit of anarchy on the way home (sorry to the traffic we stopped – the pedestrian lights weren’t working and we had been stuck on that corner for ages! Anyway, we had critical mass and it only took about 20 seconds for all of us to cross the road. There really was no need for that sort of language…) we all collapsed into bed and snored the night away.

My patient and slightly-put-upon Dad turned up in the morning with my own little shoebox car loaded to the hilt with stuff and we headed north. It was an easy drive through the middle of NSW, and several toasted ham cheese and tomato sandwiches later we arrived in Brissie. We’d managed most of the trip without arguing much but we were definitely glad to get out of the car when we arrived. And next time, just for the record, if I’m driving, then I ain’t navigating. If you’re navigating, then it is your job to know where we’re going. That’s why you have the map!

And so here I am. I’m living just north of the city in a 2 br flat with my big brother. I’ve spent the week unpacking, sleeping and wandering around the place in an attempt to get oriented. Dad went back north on Wednesday and it’s slowly starting to feel less like a holiday and more like I… actually… live… here. I’ve picked up some work as a temp and I start that on Monday, so I think that will help with both the reality thing and the income thing. I’ll let you know how it goes.

So far:
Cons: I don’t know anyone. I get lost as soon as I get out of my street. The bastard movers broke my washing machine.
Pros: The poincianas are in bloom, and there are frangipanis and geckos and fans on all the time. My hair is curly again and the heat feels like home.





3 responses

10 12 2005
That Guy

Nice Work Mate! Most proud…keep on bloggin’! I’ll try and link mine to yours as well…swingfully,Mike 😀

12 12 2005

comments um I’m frightend this is a unbloggeded cated person here. so will take me a bit to get used to the fact that my mate will now be on show and any hope of a personal email is lost.

13 12 2005

Not true! You can still email me and I will email back and all of that usual palaver, me ol mate anon. The blog is more cos I don’t want to keep emailing random stuff out to the free world – this way people can choose their own level of involvement…

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