In which our intrepid adventurer goes to the shops

20 12 2005

Yay it’s not even Christmas Eve and I’ve finished all my Christmas shopping hurrah! Admittedly I only had to get four presents (my extended family have entered the realm of “too many bloody cousins to buy presents so let’s not and say we did”), but it’s a bit tricky when you are suddenly marooned in a city with no idea where the shops are. Luckily the whole chain shop thingo is pervasive so once I had found an actual shopping centre it wasn’t too hard. Oh, and I live five minutes walk from an entire street of (overpriced and wanky but good for random presents) little shops.

Now, if you thought Ngunnawal, Gungahlin and Jerrabomberra were weird, you should try Indooroopilly, Coorparoo and Narangba on for size! Bloody hell! …actually they’re not so bad but I still can’t get the hang of Yerongpilly. A man said to me today “you’re not from around here, are you?”

To tell the truth that may have been more because he was calling from the RSL and I asked the address and it turned out to be next door.

In other shop related news veges here are cheap as chips even if the mangoes are substandard.

And now I’m off to trivia at the pub where we shall kick arse.




One response

22 12 2005

well done on the shopping front – you are very clever and organised.I too have been struck by the you’re not from around here curse – of course in my case it’s a little bit odd as I am from around here – in fact I’ve never been from around anywhere else – but about 15 people (probably closer to 3 – but allowances for artistic license) have asked me about my accent recently. I blame watching way too much tv.It’s almost christmas Hurrah!!!!lan

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