I totally have truckie’s arm

24 12 2005

It’s hot. It’s not just hot, it’s fucking hot. It’s melty, sticky, sweaty, lethargy inducing hot. It’s post something on the blog so you can avoid getting in the un-airconditioned car hot. It’s I wish I didn’t have that final beer last night because it’s awful being hungover when you’re hot hot.

And I love it.

Anyway just about to head off north and I am seriously putting off getting in the oven on wheels. Sadly the much-loved fuzzy blue seat covers have gone by the wayside in the interests of coolness. Even though they were the coolest thing about Billie (the car).

Speaking of driving (nice segue, hey?), my right arm is a different colour to my left. It started on the drive up, got much worse on the 3 hour round trip to see my grandma a couple of weeks ago, and each day on the way to and from work it gets just a little darker. Not too sure what to do about it. I’ll put sunscreen on today before I go…but it seems a bit silly. Maybe the answer is to get a job where I drive south in the mornings and north in the afternoons.

This post is quite clearly the ramblings of a seedy person, so I shall leave you with this: last night while the shop people were distracted I wandered around putting collars down on the mannequins in a Polo Ralph Lauren shop…and it was good.




3 responses

4 01 2006
That Guy

Is there such a thing as truckie’s arm, or are you just making that up?

4 01 2006

Well, that’s what I call it. I assume it’s seeped into my consciousness from the realms of pop culture and must therefore be real?

9 01 2006

Word-up Sherd!!Long time no see etc… (Miff filled me in on the move)Mike: It’s generally either referred to as Truckie’s Arm or “my driving arm”, whatever works.Sherd: personally I think you should think about this logically (although the drive south to work was a good attempt) and buy a garbo truck which is dual control!!It would brilliantly solve all your problems and you’d honestly be able to call it Truckie’s Arm… and you could solve your potential unemployment issue by randomly picking up garbage :DAs an ex north qlder I completely understand your reaction to the heat.Bob

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