"Sherd"? What is this "Sherd"?

5 01 2006

Now that my fame has spread far and wide, I suppose I’d better do a quick explanation of the name for those who have never worked with small children.

I have a confession to make – my real name is not Sherd (gasp!). It’s a nickname I picked up (or you could say had attached to me) a couple of years ago. It’s a long and not very exciting story about small children and the parlous state of our education system. And some determined girls that liked to sing about turkey.

So if you’ve been wondering if I’ve been leading some sort of double life where I have a whole other identity, well, kinda. But to the majority of people I am not known as Sherd…until now, that is. If you’ve never known me as Sherd before, you don’t have to start now. Unless you want to.




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8 01 2006

So this comment is for the industrial relations rant – but I am technically challenged, and can’t seem to work out how to post a comment on that – but I say go team Sherdie – you are right.and I’ll add in the ageing population rant for you:So we have an ageing population which is gonna be a really big problem in a few years when a whole lot of baby boomers retire and require care as they have lengthened life spans, and we don’t have enough younger workers to do all of the work that needs to get done. There will be a huge labour shortage – there’s a whole lot of commentary about it – a lot of which actually comes from the federal governmentSo the solution to this problem is to a) encourage higher participation rates in the labour market and b)find new ways to improve productivity.but here’s the problem: when you slash labour conditions you reduce productivity – you might also reduce the cost of production, because you pay people less for the work that they do – but you don’t actually produce more per person hour – which is what you need to do to overcome labour shortages.Also when you slash labour conditions that doesn’t tend to encourage higher participation – I mean you can cut off people’s welfare payments and force those people into crappy jobs – but people who actually have a choice about whether or not to work – people who provide a second income or whatever, tend to just drop out of the labour market if you cut wages and conditions – which really doesn’t help.The really stupid thing about all of this is that when you make people less financial secure, and reduce labour conditions so that people work longer and less sociable hours that tends to stop them from thinking that now is a great time to have children – which means that population growth is reduced – which is a big part about why we have the ageing population in the first place.Grrrr Arrrgg!ok, that’s the end of my rant.

9 01 2006

Sherd .. for you and a bit for Ian towards the end.To Sherd – Names…I’m pleased to know I can call you Sherd. when you ask some one what they truely own I feel you need to question their name.What do you call yourself? what will you answer to…I have many names and many masks but that is true about the many sides to the whole.As for Ian,did you know that the Australian birth rate has actually increased? or that the government is spending lots of time and money working out how to help people stay in the work force… It’s not that people are getting older thats of issue it’s the participation rate and training issues that are of concern. The real danger is that we will forget what we already have learned (what’s not to say we never learn anything as a human race as we fail to teach others from our experiences…)

20 01 2006
That Guy

Nice one Sherd, stirring up a bit of healthy socio-economic chit chat…and keep those zany entries swinging hard! Mmm, and I think I might know now who Mr Nerd is…

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