Unemployment is mine!!

10 01 2006

It’s official. I had a conversation with YB yesterday that went something like:

YB: I’ve talked to HR and they said we can’t extend your contract past the original date.

S: Oh.
Captain Subtext: No shit.

YB: So when will your last day be?

S: Thursday.
Captain Subtext: Zippa-dee-doo-dah, zippa-dee-day.

YB: I’m sorry that it’s happened this way. You know that if we could keep you on we would.

S: That’s OK, I totally understand. It’s fine, really.
Captain Subtext: I’m free! I’m free! No more trained monkey work for me!

Hope you all enjoyed that brief excursion into my psyche.

Anyway the temp agency I’m registered with, Shonky, tell me that my “consultant” is on leave, but the poor overworked minion I talked to is going to kindly change my details so that I’m available. After I explained it to her slowly. In words of one syllable. I think on my day off on Friday (it’s not unemployment until at least the second day) I’ll don a suit and go register with some others.

Now, onto last weekend. The festival was much fun, 3 tents and lots of beautiful people, little shorts and huge sunglasses. Alby will know what I’m talking about. We didn’t stay until the end of the night, cos we accepted early on that none of us were that tough and agreed to leave when we got tired. Plus it started raining and got cold. Sook sook sook.




3 responses

11 01 2006

Congrats for escaping the “not so workplace harassment free” YB! Go team Sherd!

11 01 2006

Sherd,If your donning the suit do it early to avoid the heat (Not the best option as most agency staff don’t turn up till mid morning)or Start in the arvo so you can head out dressed up in stunning suit glory (Also not the best idea as agency staff knock off early.. they’re sort of like public servants really)If you are in town at Lunch I’ll lock to get you a drink at the Pig and Whistle!:D

11 01 2006

OK :D, I don’t have your email address so email me!! It’s still the same ol’ yahoo one. Either that or I’ll start trying to guess your work email. (^_^)

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