Introducing zwitterozni, my sub-editor

15 01 2006

Firstly, for Mikey, you know Mr Nerd well but I don’t think you’ve met LawTalkinGrrl.

For Mangoman, it’s not considered polite for my generation to actually do anything, we just like to make a lot of noise about it all. Also, nice name. I think you should start a mango blog!

Holy social life, Batman, I actually had a busy weekend. And not all of it was with people that I’m related to. Yay!

Watched the moon rise over the Story Bridge on Friday with a few quiet shandies. I should say hello to D at this point, who has been reading this blog without any idea that he actually knew the person writing it.

Now, I have to make a public apology for doubting my brother. A few months ago he found a barbeque on the side of the road on council pickup day. So he brought it home. It sat in the garage for a couple of weeks, and then in the laundry tub in a puddle of festy water “soaking” for another couple of weeks. Then, after scraping all the rust and general gunk off, it sat in the garage again for a few weeks. But, this weekend, after a day spent doing blokey stuff at his mate’s workshop, the bbq came home painted shiny red and white and with its own custom-made frame. And after a bit of stuffing around, it works heaps good and on Saturday night we had a bbq. As my dad would say, just like a bought one.

Another good outcome from the workshop trip was my brother’s car has come home running really well, and I got to drive it on the way home from lunch up the coast today. Whilst driving in a very safe and sensible manner the whole time, I discovered that it is definitely more powerful than Billie. I assume that’s the whole turbo thing. And yet after a little bit of accelerating quickly I was happy to burble along at the speed limit. I assume that’s the getting old thing.




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18 01 2006

You forgot the title.

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