My nose is peeling

24 01 2006

But apart from that I survived BDO without any major sunburn trauma. This is a minor miracle for me. I am proud.

Reader’s Digest version of my weekend.

Friday: Dinner with the Divine Miss M, a very good friend from high school, and her little sister, who is now surprisingly in her early 20s and not still 12 as I’d imagined. West End. Trendy, funky and yummy. Much gossip was gossipped by all. Very amusing moment when little sister asked for a Wild Turkey and dry and the waiter stammered “But, this is West End. You can only drink chardonnay or merlot here.” That may not be the strict truth but it was close enough. She had to settle for a vodka lemon lime. We’ve decided to do it again in two more years.

Saturday: Random party for birthday of friend of soon-to-be-housemate of someone. Or maybe it was their cousin. Relaxed, red wine, backyard. Was given a series of balloons by a young man who claimed they were his heart. They kept popping on random things (bougainvillea plants, mozzie coils, people’s heads), accompanied by anguished cries and theatrical collapses from said young man. Much fun was had by all. Some embarrassment was had by me. But mostly fun. Was almost forced to do quick reprise of birthday party tricks (curse my brother and his knowing of things!) but sadly there was a lack of skewers and balloons filled with water in the house.

Sunday: Big Day Out. Yay! Highlights include the Grates, Sleater-Kinney, Magic Dirt (some kind of chicks with guitars theme begins to emerge…), the Beasts of Bourbon (Tex!! Nuff said), Youth Group, the Magic Numbers and Mars Volta before the song went on and on and on and on and on (seriously, I went off to the loo, then to the water refill thingo, then watched another band for a song, came back, and it was still the same song). All the other bands were also cool, everyone should go and see Faker before their concerts are in stadiums, and Henry Rollins did his very cool spoken word business and the crowd loved it … there was no-one that was terrible except maybe for Iggy Pop (I think I’m too young).




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