31 01 2006

It’s been a bit busy around here lately. Apologies to those regular readers that may have been forced to do some work instead of surfing the net.

It’s been a week since my last confession and it’s been quite a full week at that.

I caught up with some (more) old friends from high-school – they’re coming out of the woodwork – and picked up random work. Just when I was starting to settle into getting up at 11am. It’s put a serious crimp in my blogging time, too. No email at this place either, but there is internet. By extreme stealth. I’m getting very good at sensing where in the office my boss is at any given moment.

A definite highlight was my flying visit to Canberra, and the flying made possible by some extremely generous people that I have the pleasure to call my friends. I decided (on the way home, very tired and in need of some berocca) that this must be why rock stars end up with such inflated egos. It’s quite an amazing thing when people pay for you to be somewhere. Somewhere that they are, that is, and to share time and space with them. Thanks kids.

Yay for Oz day and general Oz-ness. BBQ and beer was the order of the day. Well, actually, it was a little more like, beer, BBQ, beer, drums. Ah, drunken drumming, one of my favorite pastimes. You’d be astounded at how I play. No, really, you would. And Mr P and I on the little-known dual-player drums – when too many arms are never enough – was truly something to behold. Although possibly not so much to listen to, judging by the look on Mr Nerd’s face when he closed the door to the Music Room. Didn’t stop us though. No siree.

Anyway, yay for sofa-beds and calamari with salad bars and other people’s cats and pancake breakfasts. It was lovely to go back, although oddly it felt like a visit rather than a homecoming. Oddly because this Friday I’ve been here for 2 months, which seems a long time unless you compare it to just under a decade.




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