1 02 2006

After a quick look through the Australia Day Honours list, I have come up with some alternative suggestions for nomination:

Nicole Kidman
For breaking up with Tom Cruise.

Kate Carnell
Actually I can’t think of an alternative. I can’t even think why she’s on the list in the first place.

Karl Seppelt
For making people drinking house wine at restaurants all over Australia wish they’d shelled out that bit extra.

David Roden
For being so nice about the whole car thing.

Sherd’s Dad
For raising such an exceptional daughter.

I’d just like to mention that all these people are in fact on the list, and again, what’s the use of a public forum if you can’t say yay Daddo, well done!




4 responses

2 02 2006

Whoa! Having met Sherd’s dad, and spent some time with his illustrious children, I feel like I am almost famous or something.

2 02 2006

I feel honourable just knowing you Sherdy! Go team Sherdy Dad!

5 02 2006
Sherd's Dad's Manager

A fine example of high context communication – or is it ellipsis – or both – or neither??

15 01 2007

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