Lunch noodles

6 02 2006

Despite my best intentions, today I am eating two-minute noodles for lunch again, with a can of tuna on the side. Tonkotsu flavour, for those who are interested, and tomato and basil tuna. It’s not the best lunch in the world, nowhere near my planned lunch of salad, tuna, bikkies and assorted nuts and dried fruit. Well, I guess the tuna part is the same. The rest of the lunch is sitting on the kitchen bench, where it is of very little use to me.

That little disappointment aside, it’s a cool grey day, the noodles are pretty yummy and I’m wearing my new favourite skirt, so the balance still tips over to good.

There was a horrible 24 hour period on the weekend when I was sans mobile phone, having left it somewhere random while helping BGF move house on Saturday and being reunited with it on Sunday. Sadly this has put the kibosh on any self-delusions that I am one of those people that can live without their mobile phones. I felt cut-off and a little bit panicky – what if my car broke down? What if people sent me messages and I didn’t respond and they thought I hated them? What if I needed to meet someone and they were running late? Or I was? How would they know?

Or worse – what if I got it back and there were no messages on it at all?

Luckily for everyone concerned (that is, me), I not only had messages but also missed calls. Phew. I still exist.




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6 02 2006

As a Blogger, do you ever have similar feelings when people don’t make comments on your Blog as to when you lost your phone? Should I put in more effort to comment more regularly so that you know that someone is reading it and that someone loves you? Or is the emphasis the other way around and I must comment and thus earn your love?Do you have faith that we read even if we don’t comment? And how do you (Sherdy) feel about anonymous comments? Could that be a poor friend like me who doesn’t really get what they are doing but still loves you or is it someone you don’t know, in which case to you write it up and affection or not?What is the etiquette for commenting when reading a friend’s Blog? And should Blog have a capital ‘B’? All these quesitons and more on the ‘Murphy tries to work out the world’ show, afternoons from 4pm. I need a cup of tea.

7 02 2006
That Guy

I know what you mean about the feeling loved part, but the times I’ve been without, I’ve actually felt quite liberated…that’s just weirdo me I guess!

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