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7 02 2006

As a general rule, I try to limit commenting on comments in the main bit of the blog. This is partly out of laziness and partly to prevent confusion – yours and mine. But, seek and ye shall find, so this one’s for you Miff.

I love comments. I love knowing both that people read this, and what they think about it. At the same time, I have faith that people read even if they don’t comment, because they tell me so. Which is also good. Either way I feel loved. Or, at least, read.

There are some interesting things happening in the comments from time to time (see discussion between GigPig and Anonymous re internet dating), and it’s cool that people can argue with each other using this blog as a medium.

Anonymous comments…well, the more the merrier, and I know that people don’t always have the time or energy to think up clever pseudonyms like Mangoman and Sherd’s Dad’s Manager. And I can generally figure out who it is. As long as the content isn’t objectionable (according to my standards, that is), I don’t mind.

I think the blog comment etiquette is please do if the feeling strikes you. And I don’t think blog needs a B.

the end
lots of love




One response

8 02 2006

Yay! I also like knowing that you read the comments. That makes me feel loved.However now I want a cuter name…May need to do some profile editing.

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