Dating linguistics #1

10 02 2006

As I seem to be entering the mysterious world of dating, I’ve been thinking about the terminology involved. With my extensive linguistics background*, and the assistance of GigPig, I’ve decided it would make things much easier if there were some clear definitions of a few key words.

Some context: this first instalment comes out of a discussion about what a girl is to do if being pursued by a nice but not particularly desirable (NBND) boy. Keeping in mind here that one woman’s undesirable is another woman’s Brad Pitt. Or Angelina Jolie. Whatever floats your boat, really. This particular scenario involves NBND boy in relation to potential desirable – nice optional (DNO) boys. Moral and ethical issues aside, if one were to ignore the NBND boy in favour of the DNO boys, what is the correct terminology to use?

So here I present the Sherdie and GigPig definitions of “the big R”**:

Dumping: when someone that you are actually ‘seeing’ with at least an implied sense of exclusivity decides that you are no longer/not the bomb.

Re-dumping: being dumped after re-engaging with a previous dumper or dumpee. Often more bitter than the first time due to the added taste of rue.

Ditching: when someone that you have been seeing, but would not classify as a ‘boyfriend’ as such, decides that you are not the bomb. Or sobers up.

Diverting: avoiding someone who you know wishes to do some picking up but you have decided is not the bomb. Or have sobered up.

Possibly more to follow in future blogs.

* Two semesters in second-year
** Arse, as in, getting the




One response

14 02 2006

I particularly like the diverting definition – it’s been a necessary phrase for sometime now.I’d like to offer some dating terms, but sadly I have no creativity at the moment. I support your efforts though.

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