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13 02 2006

As I sit here on the brown fake suede couch pondering which of the guys in Supernatural is hotter (no definitive answer yet), I’ve realised I was so enthralled with the netdating saga that I forgot to ramble on about the very good band I saw on Friday night.

So let me take the opportunity now.

Having seen my fair share of live music I have to admit I wasn’t incredibly excited about seeing some band just because my brother is friends with one of the members. And also not about trekking through the countryside to some random bar in the middle of nowhere. But there was the promise of good company and beer at the end of the rainbow, so off I went.

The bar itself was the first pleasant surprise. Not that I make it a habit of hanging out in grotty dingy dives (anymore), but if I did, I would choose this dive. It was dark, smoky, had pool tables, good beers, people with piercings and that scent of cultivated disdain with the undertone of pretentiousness people who try hard not to be mainstream generate. And a big working bowling alley up one side. I liked it.

The band, Grand Atlantic, were even better than the bar. The names of the support bands have been sadly lost along with some wayward brain cells, but they were good too. I was surprised when I knew some of the songs Grand Atlantic played until I remembered that my brother gave me their cd, in their former incarnation as Tonjip, for my birthday once. Two weeks late. With a green post-it as a card.

My sibling issues aside, they were very fun to watch – clear sound, catchy melodies, nice lyrics, charismatic lead singer and funny banter. Never underestimate the power of good banter. Apparently the drummer was drunk, but his drumming was much better than my drunk drumming efforts. Maybe because he actually knew how to play. Who knows. In any case it was much fun and if I was Molly Meldrum I’d say something about bullets. Although, they’ve been around for a couple of years and have had some radio airplay and all that good stuff, so maybe something a little slower than a bullet is more appropriate.

So if you live in Brisvegas, go and see them next time they are playing. Their website is here and their myspace is here.

If you don’t live in Brisvegas, move here and go and see this band.




One response

14 02 2006
That Guy

Top stuff, Sherdster…great to know you’re checking out the Brisneyland scene…I find that the out-of-the-way gigs are either a total disaster or some of the best stuff you ever see (or play)…keep the festival reviews comin’ as well…Rock On!

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