Dating linguistics #2

14 02 2006

Suggestions have been pouring in. Well, trickling, anyway. So here’s some more.

Drive of shame: The car-owner version of the walk of shame. Making your way home in your dishevelled going-out gear, smudgy makeup and squinty eyes due to a lack of sunglasses. Except in my case because I remembered to take my sunglasses the night before. Oddly enough the feeling of the drive of shame still exists even when making your way home from BGFs couch. Also curiously that feeling that everyone knows why you look so dishevelled doesn’t diminish because you are in a car. Strange.

Pre-proposition polka: the torturous dance two people perform when trying to establish whether any level of mutual attraction and/or interest exists before either one of them commits to anything potentially embarrassing. The polka can take place in many ways, including (but not limited to) physical, conversational and alcohol-induced.

Premature expectation: When you meet someone, there’s a little bit of polka happening, you go home and think about it, build them up to be cool… Then when you see them again reality hits and you realise that what you were really after was something interesting in your love life.




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