Dating linguistics #3

21 02 2006

Part Three of the popular series. It ain’t Austen, but the punters seem to like it.

E-crush: Developing a crush on someone based purely on their email ability. Symptoms include sudden onset of an email-checking obsession, giggling at the computer screen, spending ridiculous amounts of time composing answers, and wanting a better thesaurus than the one in Word. Can often lead to:

Text-crush: Similar to an e-crush, but with text messages. Mixed with alcohol it can lead to:

Scroll of shame: Aka texter’s remorse. Scrolling through your sent messages the morning after a big night to discover that what seemed incredibly insightful at 3am actually read

u r hot I am fdrunkpurple monkey dishwasher



One response

21 02 2006
That Guy

I’ve been a member of one site for a week now and I must say I’m starting to feel a little icky (and ever cynical) about the whole thing, but then I’ve had no replies nor sent any messages, so I’ve yet to have the full experience…do keep us informed, what what!?

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