Summer’s on the outro

26 02 2006

A weekend of non-work, PJ Harvey on repeat and much virtual support from my lovely peanuts has largely healed my wounded tortured angsty soul. Hurrah! You all rock. And the weather is slowly easing into end-of-summer mode, cool evenings and mornings and much less sweating in the hotbox-on-wheels I drive around in.

I spent today at a 3rd birthday bbq for the daughter of a friend from school. There was fairy bread and a cake with tiny teddies on it – and that was just for the adults. I’ve decided there should be more fairy bread in my life, so I’m going to have it for breakfast tomorrow. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Amusingly it turned out that everyone at the bbq was from the NT, except for BFG, who took it all with good grace. Although it’s possible she thinks that being from the NT is like belonging to a cult where you can’t swim in any natural body of water, and everyone is called “maluka”.

Now, if my blog just isn’t quite hitting the spot in terms of its South American content, try reading Marty’s blog (also link at the side of the page). Marty is an ex-colleague who left the bright lights of children’s entertainment to do, well, anything and everything. I’ll let his blog tell the story. Be warned though – you may end up with very itchy feet, or at the very least a desire to eat chocolate. Or cheese. Both of which are very good things.




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