22 03 2006

Ho hum, it’s the middle of the week and today’s drama at work was our communications to the outside world being shut down because we hadn’t paid our bills. It was briefly frustrating until I realised I don’t really care and then it was just funny. I can’t believe a company as dodgy as this one is still operating. I’m glad I get paid direct by the temp company.

I’ve added a new link in the sidebar, Diary Yas. It’s the blog of my cousin-of-some-sort*, Yas, and contains the random musings of a forty-something Harley-riding, bass-guitar-playing graphic designer. In Japanese. And pictures of his favorite 2-minute noodles. Hee. I think I’ll steal some of his ideas.

Tonight I have a headache, a tummyache and am generally grumpy. I’m self-medicating with Peabody and Editors and a cool Shins cover of the Postal Service and Tricky’s Makes Me Wanna Die (the original one not the Massive Attack remix)(not that there’s anything bad about the remix, it just doesn’t help headaches). And clear soup with a pickled plum. Luckily no-one else is home so they don’t have to listen to songs on repeat. Or smell the plum.

* My grandmother’s nephew. Second cousin? Sub-cousin? Semi-cousin?




5 responses

23 03 2006

Doesn’t Yas play guitar, not bass? As predicted, I haven’t added to my own blog for over a week. Can’t be bothered, so I shall just comment on yours. And I can’t even think of a funny comment…

23 03 2006

Yeah, it’s entirely possible. I may have assumed it was bass because he’s a nerd. Which is largely Mr Nerd’s fault, as he is a bass-playing hippie.

23 03 2006

Trying to remember my Anthropology days… I think your grandmother’s nephew (ie you parent’s cousin, presumably mum’s if we’re talking Japanese) is your first cousin once removed – the number of ‘removed’ is the generation difference. However I think you could also call them a second cousin and get away with it.

24 03 2006

Yeah, I’m with murphy, I’m pretty sure he would be your first cousin once removed – but if he had a kid – that kid could be your second cousin?

27 03 2006

The Authority On All Things has told me that if we go by Japanese social convention I would call him uncle. Except I don’t, I call him Yas.

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