Random employment update

2 04 2006

I’ve started a new temp gig, this one in the city (yay!), with a government department (yay!), not answering phones or opening mail (yay!). It’s doing something with ministerial correspondence. I must find out who my minister is at some stage. I’m sure it’s someone cool.

Tomorrow is four months since I embraced the joys of temping. When I see it in black and white it seems a long time…

I’ve been donning the interview suit a fair bit lately. I had an amusing/disturbing interview with a random company last week for a “Project Officer” job. During the interview it was explicitly stated that part of my job would be cleaning the coffee cups off people’s desks and making sure the tearoom was tidy. Oh, and getting the morning tea. Along with normal project work duties of course. Not as the most junior member of the team, just as the most female one.

My experiences so far in the Anachronism State meant I wasn’t particularly surprised. I was tempted to take the job out of sheer bloodymindedness – it would be interesting to try to get sacked for not picking up coffee cups. Probably better for my mental state and my resume that this other job came up though – less money but also less washing up. Hurrah!

My various applications for grown-up jobs have been met with one of three responses:

1) No response (which is not a response as such, but as He’s Just Not That Into You* says, no answer is your answer).
2) You seem great, but there’s someone more qualified than you.
3) You seem great. Too great. There’s someone less qualified than you.

This may be because of my random approach to applications: feel optimistic, apply too high, get pessimistic, apply too low. And there’s not an extremely high frequency of applications either, what with that whole idealistic “only apply for jobs that I actually want to do” business. So I’m OK with still sending applications out into the ether. I make enough money to survive, and each temp job I get seems to be better than the last, so all is well there. And there’s plenty of distractions, bands to see, beers to drink, people to have coffee with.

Speaking of distractions, it’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted! I should be studying, but as it happens I’m watching trashy Sunday night movies and blogging while contemplating doing my ironing. Yes, it’s an exciting life I lead. I’m thinking maybe later, I’ll have a bath.

* Somehow it found it’s way into my pile of reading for uni. How ’bout that. BTW, Americans are bloody crazy.




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