No Hats While Dancing

10 04 2006

Intrepid West Coast Correspondent Alby reports things in Fremantle to be much better than in Canberra. As this information matches the findings of my own research I must concur.

Alby’s move to the West has effectively stalled our plans to open a Fluffy Chicken & Llama Halfway House on a tropical island. Maybe that’s not entirely fair – the chances of this happening are probably equally as likely now as they were before she moved. It’s probably my fault – we were halfway to our halfway house before I left Canberra, having at least a house and some fluffy chickens. We never did resolve that debate about llamas in the loungeroom.

Alby is well-known for her eye for a pretty picture and her fabulous ability to accessorise. Quite apart from being a generous roomie (there’s an empty space round my neck where her necklaces used to go), she is camera and techno-savvy and has just returned from a jaunt in Cambodia and Vietnam. Go here for a look, or click here for an explanation of the title.




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