Sleepy nerd

18 04 2006

Speaking of inevitable – wireless internet has led to blogging in bed.

I was all ready to snuggle into bed with a book. I have my cup of tea, my music (Gersey – Storms Dressed As Stars – go and buy it)… but no book. And the computer was on anyway for the music… and I noticed I had an email… one thing led to another and now here we are.

Unfortunately for all of us my brain is full of uni mush, or perhaps has turned to uni mush, and I am having trouble thinking in full sentences. Or thinking at all.

The Duckherder is in town. Hurrah! I got an excursion to the suburbs to meet Duckherding relatives and miniature pony. I’ve heard a lot of stories of chicken exploits and I’m happy to report Nefley is still running into things – although less since she had a haircut -, looking cute and laying the occasional egg*. In a lucky move for evolution she appears to be too stupid to reproduce though.

B and I have decided to get the carpets cleaned following a particularly spattery tomato sauce incident at our Bad Friday bbq (and a general slackness on B’s part before I moved here. Kids from the tropics generally not too crash hot on carpet care). I’m starting to feel the limitations of a flat compared to a house. If there are no spare rooms or outside bits, where do you put the couches and stuff?

And finally, some more happy news – the two new additions to the fish tank, Napoleon (orange and nerdy) and Tina (black with goggly eyes – likes ham), have settled in and haven’t even been nibbled on so far.

* Total eggs laid: Five. In other news, Daphne the Turbo-Chicken is still laying an egg a day up on the mountain with her sisters. The Kettle family are eating many omelettes.




2 responses

21 04 2006
Mangoman's Manager

Thought I’d better do my small bit towards redressing the continuing absence of comments. How do the the carpets look now? Though I’d better let you know that some kids from the tropics – probably from among those with carpets in their houses – would be crash hot on carpet care, especially mould-fighting techniques. The consequences of a carpet-deprived childhood hadn’t occurred to me before: inadequate preparation for the grown-up world of indoor parties!

3 05 2006

’twas great to read about the well being of the once-in-my-backyard chickens, it may have been a brief relationship but it was one of mutual humour 🙂

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