Neighbour politics #2

22 04 2006

I’m watching Rage with a pot of tea and a thumping headache. Trying to work up the energy to go and do the groceries and waiting for the paracetamol to do its thing. In the meantime, as crap as I look right now, I’ve just seen the Chili Peppers’ new clip and just quietly, I don’t look anywhere near that bad. I hope.

I had a lovely evening last night at T’s place. She lives in a block of 12 one-bedroom flats and it’s all very Melrose/Secret Life/Friends/insert flat-dwelling sitcom of your choice here. We had plans to go to a housewarming, but ended up losing track of time and spending most of the evening on her verandah with a bottle of wine and three other women that live there. The whole block is quite close-knit and they often hang out at each other’s places and share takeaway. T has only recently been joining them because she hasn’t lived there very long. It’s very friendly, a little reminiscent of college ressies, and I envied the casual intimacy of it all.

Towards the end of the night the conversation turned to how noise travels around the block. There was the obligatory story about the old tenants in #6 and noisy sex and a good-humoured bitch session about the three (in a one-bedroom flat!) boys in #2 and their dirtbike. Then T’s neighbour casually mentioned she can’t hear her upstairs neighbour (who was also there) in the bathroom but noise seems to travel between the bedrooms really well. T’s face was a study in embarrasment mixed with horror at this point. I could see her trying to assess whether she can ever look her upstairs neighbour in the face again. And deciding she probably couldn’t. That reminded me of ressies too.

It was then I realised I’m okay with my neighbours being strangers.




One response

26 04 2006
That Guy

Ha ha, Secret life of Sherd…I too remember the intimacies of certain people back at old B and G, at various times of day and such….speaking of rezzies, you remember Katy Pearce? Alison’s friend? Turns out she lives right next door to me…I’m talking the adjacent building! Crazy…

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