Bus crush

27 04 2006

I am eating Greek Easter bread, which probably has some proper name but being the uncultured git I am, I don’t know what it is. It’s yummy though, it’s kind of like heavy hot-cross-bun bread less the sultanas. By which I mean a little bit sweet and a little bit spiced. It also came with an exciting bright red egg stuck in one end. And it’s plaited. Makes hot cross buns look a bit pov, really. I want to eat the egg but I think I’ve built it up too much and it will just taste like a normal boiled egg. In fact, it will almost definitely taste like a normal boiled egg. It looks very cool though.

In other news, there’s a cute boy that is sometimes on the same bus as me. Twice he has sat in front of me and I have spent the entire trip gazing at his shoulders. He has nice shoulders. Once I sat in front of him and spent the entire trip wondering if the back of my head is a) attractive, b) unattractive, c) neither here nor there.

Yesterday he talked to me! It was very exciting moment for young Sherd. So exciting it made me briefly refer to myself in the third person. We were getting off the bus at the same stop and he stopped to let me go first (he’s courteous!) and said, “after you” (he can talk!). I said “thank you.” In my early-morning state I hit my head on the roof of the bus and he laughed at me (sense of humour!) (or a sadist). Then he dashed across the road as the light was changing (he’s brave!) (or stupid) (or late for work) and vanished into the crowd of office workers struggling down the street.

Ah, young love. Short, but sweet.




2 responses

28 04 2006

ooooh I love the random crushes that get formed with people you may never get to know. They’re the best king especially if they remain unspoiled by reality.

28 04 2006

It’s true. Reality would totally spoil the whole thing.

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