Beauty sherd

29 04 2006

I’ve just returned from a trip to the local beautician, and am looking either quite spiffy or a little bit like Groucho Marx. I’m not sure yet. Either way I’m feeling good – there’s nothing to make me feel light and happy like telling my life secrets to a small Eastern European woman named Magda as she does things with tweezers and dye.

This is a fairly recent innovation in my life. Carrying, as I do, the scars of a rural childhood, where one would never admit to being anything quite so feminine as a girl (ugh), it took me a while to become comfortable with the idea that it’s ok to care about how you look. Or to be a bit girly. Or, god forbid, to wear pink shoes. Although that’s clearly one hurdle I have overcome.

When I became all grown up with my own income, I cautiously embraced the gentle end of the beauty parlour spectrum and in the last couple of years have become a fan of the eyelash tint. It’s cheap, it doesn’t hurt and I feel very Brigitte Bardot for at least a week afterwards. Further inspired by my time in Alby and Sherd’s Girly Palace of Gorgeous Accessories & Chickens, I moved into the area of eyebrow modifications. After a couple of early experiments with the wax business (not for me, thanks anyway) I’ve settled into the occasional session with tweezers and a mirror and regular lectures from Magda on young girls today and their inability to maintain their eyebrow shape. Being a professional beauty therapist (not a beautician – this is apparently a very important distinction) Magda can’t help grabbing the tweezers and fixing them up while waiting for the eyelash tint to do its thing. As she points out, she may as well be doing something, and it’s not like I’m going anywhere with wet cotton pads stuck over my eyes.

So today I’ve come home with tinted lashes and tinted (Magda-shaped) brows. The eyebrows are a little darker than I’m used to – hence the Groucho Marx-ness of it all. Still, they will fade and I’ll get used to them. And more than likely no-one will notice any of these details except me. Which is really as it should be.




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