Loose threads

30 04 2006

Unanswered questions on my blog are causing trouble for some of the OCD-tendencies out there. Let me tie up a few loose threads for you.

As predicted, Groucho faded and an independent jury has come in on the side of quite spiffy.

The rumours were true! I’ll be seeing the Grates with the Arctic Monkeys in August. Hurrah! What is it now, nearly May? Only 3 months to go. Hmmm.

I really shouldn’t post such random stuff.
1) I’ve caught the same bus as both B and K several times now. Once I was even sitting facing them and didn’t see them until they started waving and making faces at me. Much to the consternation of the people sitting around them. Even then I didn’t see them for a good couple of minutes. I maintain this is because the first rule of public transport is never ever make eye contact with any other passenger. Especially not if they are waving at you.
2) The IT boy was clearly gay from the outset. But as previously discussed, I don’t like to let reality get in the way of a good crush.

Fairy bread for breakfast is not good. Especially when you have no white bread, so you use multigrain. And then no sprinkles, so you substitute a mixture of dessicated coconut and strawberry-milk-flavour powder stuff. It was good at the time, but not about 10 minutes later.

I don’t need Botox. Magda said. But if I did I wouldn’t anyway. At 27 it’s very easy to be a proponent of growing old gracefully. I imagine this gets trickier as the years pass, so I reserve the right to withdraw this statement at the sight of my first grey hair.

I’m going home next week to see my dad get his medal and bask in some parental glory. I shall endeavour not to accidentally move back home, as has been suggested. Claims that I ‘keep moving further away’ are clearly not true. First, one move does not ‘moving’ make. Second, Canberra to Brisvegas is really not such a long way, peanuts. Perth, on the other hand, that’s a long way. You’ve got nothing.




One response

9 05 2006

Yeah peanuts, Perth is a long way. You got nothin’. Maybe you’ve got a town filled with some people I miss very much, but apart from that, you got nuthin’. Ah-huh.

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