Nerd Sherd

16 05 2006

I will never be nerdy enough to challenge Mr Nerd for his title. For starters, I didn’t go to Nerd School like him. Not that they would have me there anyway. I think I have too many X chromosomes. But I do have the occasional nerdlike tendency, and spending large chunks of time surfing the net is one of them. Getting addicted to random websites and innanet fads is another. A trait that has not been helped at all by the whole wireless broadband thing.

Sometimes two of my random addictions come together, and when that happens, I giggle in a nerdly way and clap my hands together with joy. Such as when I discovered an exploding dog chart for And it’s even one of my most favourite exploding dogs ever!

So I’ve pinned it to the top of my blog so you can all enjoy. Even if you don’t understand.




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