Poker face

30 05 2006

I’ve just lost my first proper game of poker. Texas Hold ‘Em, in case you were wondering. CFPman wants me to add in that it is Texas Hold ‘Em with no limit, or something. Whatever.

I was allowed to play just to make up the numbers. Usually it’s a boys-only kinda thing, but one of the boys wasn’t allowed out by his highly pregnant girlfriend. And I was here already, seeing as I live here. So they let me play. Mostly to fleece me of my five bucks, I think.

I like to think I acquitted myself well. I’ve worked out the whole betting thing too, and it all makes much more sense now. And I had a couple of good hands. There was even a kickarse reverse-bluffing backed up by a full house in there. Suckers. But now I’m sitting here blogging and the boys are playing on with my chips. Bastards.

Two fatal flaws:

1) Starting to drink before the pizza arrived. I was tipsy by the second hand and my judgement was shot to shit. And then I got tired and didn’t care anymore and went out in a blaze of glory.

2) The OC. It was very hard to watch what was happening with Ryan and Marissa, text Lan and Miff, and focus on the game all at the same time. As the least important of the three, inevitably the poker suffered.




5 responses

31 05 2006

Well, I for one am glad you have your priorities in the right order! And just by the way Ryan’s mom (hee hee hee they spell funny) was in jail for writing bad checks.

31 05 2006

What kind of person forgets their phone on a freakin’ Tuesday?! You’re just lucky I’m so forgiving.

31 05 2006

I know I know, I almost turned around and went home to get it, but I was already a little bit late.I certainly appreciate the forgiveness.

31 05 2006

Maybe you should be the White Rabbit instead of the Queen of Hearts.

1 06 2006

I think said boy, who wasn’t allowed out, couldn’t figure a way to extract his highly pregnant yet impossibly strong girlfriend’s thumb from outta his head. He must be happy though, well he would be if she told him he was.

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