War on drugs

31 05 2006

B has fired up and leapt into the drugs debate being run by that most intelligent of rags, the Courier-Mail.

Current household debate:
* Jeff Spicoli: sarcasm or serious? I’m leaning towards badly written sarcasm.
* Why does conservatism and bad spelling seem to go hand in hand? The crazy rightwing fuckers might rule the world at the moment, but we hippie leftie types would kick their arses in a spelling bee.

That’s all for today. I have to go and be trivia-tastic like all the cool kids.




2 responses

1 06 2006

But leftie types don’t need to worry about number agreement for verbs?

1 06 2006
The Masked Grammatician

The implementation of subject-verb number agreement in English is characterised by a striking singular/plural asymmetry: Under laboratory conditions, the probability of English speakers producing a number agreement error on the verb immediately following a complex subject NP is influenced by the mismatch in number between the head and ‘local’ nouns in the subject NP when the mismatching local noun is plural ((b), compared to (a)), but not when the mismatching local noun is singular ((d), compared to (c)) (Bock & Cutting, 1992; Bock & Miller, 1991; see Eberhard, 1997 for further theoretical study).a. The proposal by the expert (Singular Head, Head/Local Match)b. The proposal by the experts (Singular Head, Head/Local Mismatch)c. The proposals by the experts (Plural Head, Head/Local Match)d. The proposals by the expert (Plural Head, Head/Local Mismatch)This asymmetry has also been found in native speakers of other Indo-European languages including Spanish (Vigliocco et al, 1996).So, Sherdie, the correct sentence would have been “…would kick their arse in a spelling bee.” Which I’m sure you would. That most right-wingers are drooling idiots would help matters I imagine.

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