Happy Brisversary to me!

4 06 2006

Today is six months since I arrived, shoebox car laden with clothes, potted plants and crockery, in This Place.

I know I mention this every month; I’m the kinda gal who notes the occasional date and has little ceremonies of remembrance inside my head. When I remember, that is. As you’ve witnessed or even experienced firsthand, I’m pretty crap at remembering dates in general, especially ones like birthdays that aren’t mine.

Anyway, a half-year seems significant. It was hot when I arrived, it’s (a little bit) cold now. My hair is still curly. I can navigate from my house to a number of places and back again with a minimum of u-turns and swearing. I know people I’m not related to, and have been out for a quiet pot (see, I’ve even picked up the lingo!) with them on a number of occasions.

Life is good.

It’s not just Brisvegas; place can’t fix your problems any more than a pair of jeans can make your arse smaller. But I have to admit this place looks good on me.




2 responses

5 06 2006

A pair of jeans that don’t drag on the floor can do more for you than you think! I’m with you on the place though.

10 06 2006

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