Get well soon

6 06 2006

First, a bit of context. In my current job I share an office with a few other people. One of them, who sits across me, is unrelentingly foul-tempered and cheerless. I like to call her Grumpy. I am yet to see her smile, except once when someone she doesn’t like got a slapdown from the Minister’s office. Every morning when I sail into the office, I say, “Morning, Grumpy!” and she says, “Hmph.” And that is generally the extent of our communication.

Mobile rings at about 9:30 this morning, waking me out of some crazy fever-dream where I was looking after famous people’s babies and couldn’t remember their names.

Sherd [slurred, raspy]: Mmhello?

Grumpy: Sherd?

S: Grumpy?

G [rushed]: We thought we’d better call and make sure you were ok, y’know, because we hadn’t heard from you today, y’know, no phone call or email or anything, y’know and you were sick and maybe you couldn’t get to the phone and…

S [unsure if still in fever-dream]: Oh, ah, thanks, no, I meant to call this morning but I guess I didn’t wake up. I’m really sorry. I’m still…

G: Oh, don’t worry about a thing, you’re still sick, right? You sound sick. Poor thing. Things are all ok here, we’re managing fine, all quiet over your side of the office, aha ha ha, take as much time as you need. Do you need tomorrow off? You should take tomorrow off if you need to. OK? OK then. Well we might see you tomorrow or we might not. You take care of yourself now. OK? Call if you need anything. Bye!


S [strangely touched and at the same time a little freaked out].




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