Awake again

7 06 2006

Oddly enough, sleeping for 20 out of the past 24 hours has led to my extreme awakeness right now. Are you surprised? And you, dear reader, shall share my pain. Probably at a more sociable hour.

Two things I have been thinking about today:

1. If I was on the board of, say, a chocolate shop, and a good mate of mine asked me to do a review on whether chocolate was a good choice to become the staple food of the nation, how is that not a conflict of interest?

2. Why is Mal Brough such a complete arse? Apart from confusing me with the pronunciation of his name (it looks like it should rhyme with “cow”, for fucks, not “guff”), he is a patronising, sneaky bastard.

I reckon Galarrwuy’s got it right when he says:

That minister is so excited, he never had a portfolio before. He reckon, oh, we’ll teach these black fellas.

I can call him Galarrwuy, because I’ve met him. That’s Mr Yunupingu to you lot though.




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