Mal strikes again

8 06 2006

I’ve been following the Wadeye story with interest for various reasons. So now you are too.

‘Condescending’ official prompts Wadeye walkout

Here’s a digest version:

Relations between the Federal Government and the Northern Territory community of Wadeye have broken down after a walkout during a meeting in the Indigenous town.
The Thamurrur Council says elders at the meeting were angered when a government official told them new funding would be withheld until children started regularly attending school and damage to homes was cleaned up.
Federal Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough says he is happy to meet with Wadeye’s representatives again.
“No-one’s asking the locals to do anything more than paint over graffiti, clean the surrounding buildings and to have their children attend school,” he said.
“I am disturbed that there would be anyone in any community that would feel that was somehow inappropriate.”

I am disturbed he is so stupid as to think tying funding to graffiti cleaning is somehow appropriate.

What will he do next, threaten to revoke their tv privileges and send them to bed early if they don’t do what he says and stop embarrassing his portfolio?




8 responses

13 06 2006

I think that you are taking it a little too much to heart Sherdie. When the so called “elders” of the community can’t even be bothered to ensure that their people have the best possible chance in life by ensuring that the children attend school then what else can the minister do but resort to drastic measures? If the community will not take responsibilty for the welfare of its children and the basic requiremnets for happy life, ie: running water, bed to sleep on, decent meal, door on bedroom even, maybe an education, then I think it’s time for the minister to take action. What else would you propse he do? Nothing has worked to date, so maybe it’s time for a tougher approach.

13 06 2006

A door on a bedroom is a basic requirement for a happy life?

13 06 2006

Good lord! There’s a perfect example of the use of the term “so-called”. I really like the way that it can be used to denigrate absolutely anything. So-called “prime minister”, so-called “intelligent conservative”, so-called “biscuit”. See? It makes anything look bad. Notice, also, that it doesn’t work without inverted commas? Go on, try it without them. See? Really quite a lazy device. Though, I’m not too sure how it’s not the Feds responsiblity for at least some of the funding. Last I heard, most of our urban schools, hospitals, etc come from public funds. Lot’s of houses too. Most with bedroom doors even. Never seen an old dude around here dragging the little chilluns to school either. I assume that’s who you mean by elders?Please, try not to comment when you don’t really know what you’re talking about. We like intelligent, well informed readers around here.If you have a comment which is not a basic rehash of standard talkback radio southern state ignorance, please lay it on. Even Mal has less trite and simple arguments to offer.Cheers.

13 06 2006

What a day. First the whole ice magic/top choc debate. Then the battle of the anonymouses. Anonymi?I fucking love you guys. Identify yourselves and I’ll buy you a so-called “beer” sometime. And anon 4:12, take your broken spellchecker and piss off back to Neutral Bay.

14 06 2006

I think a so called “biscuit” still sounds slightly yummy, even including the inverted commas. Anyone got a recipe?

14 06 2006
the duck herder

Dear MiffNot sure quite where to put the “”‘s, how about:”Basic” biscuit recipieor perhaps basic “biscuit” recipie,or even basic buscuit “recipie”it really matters, doesnt it!Ingredients:9oz butter9oz sugar15oz plain flour3oz corn flour1 ½ teaspoons baking powder3 tablespoons milk Methodcream butter and sugarmix flour and baking powderadd to mixture add milkmix wellroll mixture into 20cm rollscut off slices and bake in moderate oven.VariationsOrange: Add orange rindIce with orange icingPeanutAdd chopped peanutsGinger1 teaspoons of ground ginger and mix wellIce with coffee icingChocolate½ oz cocoa1 teaspoon waterplace cheery on top lots of “love”or “lots” of lurvetdh

16 06 2006

Of course doors are important. You have to have something to slam when you’re pissed off.

20 06 2006

I tried but I can’t walk past. The combination of arrogance and ignorance often produces interesting results but when it is combined with a lack of awareness of one’s own cultural framework it can produce sad results. Results such as the analysis of your first anonymous message, no less.If you want to open up the debate further then I would be more than willing to start to talk through some of your issues.

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