12 06 2006

Long weekend, hurrah for the Queen etc.

This is the Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain playing Smells Like Teen Spirit.

I like it.

I also like green tea ice cream with mint Ice Magic. It’s weird, but it works.

That will be all.




7 responses

13 06 2006

What I’d like for my birthday… mint ice magic!!!! yeah baby!

13 06 2006
Mangoman's Manager

Can I get green tea ice cream (and does it come in a low-joule version)?

13 06 2006

There is also honeycomb ice magic. It’s good stuff too. Although I am past the age where you put a spoon in the freezer so it’s really cold and then put ice magic on it and eat it like that. Really I am. I made the green tea ice cream with vanilla ice cream and that mixture stuff in the green and white packet. You could probably just mix in matcha and it would work (though be less sweet). Low-joule? I know not of what you speak, woman.

13 06 2006

I believe, in fact, it is referred to as “Top Choc”. Accuracy can be difficult for such as yourself, I know.

13 06 2006

a) Actual name be damned. Do you call it a portable cooler or an Esky? A personal music player or a Walkman? Linguistic shortcuts are necessary in the modern world. b) I am as accurate as I need to be, thank you very much.

13 06 2006

ps: you smell.

16 06 2006
That Guy

Yeah, those guys did a gig earlier in the year at RONNIE SCOTTS, the main ‘JAZZ’ venue in town….unpluckingbelievable….and gotta give that mint tea icecream thingy a go….

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