13 06 2006

My mum, as is her wont, signed up for the email update thing. Admittedly, it was aimed primarily at people like her that kept saying “I can’t access the internet at work/at home/I’m too lazy to actually go to the website/what is a website anyway, how can I get to read your groovy blog, man?” Leaving aside for now the glaring question of How The Hell Do You Survive Without The Internet, the thought of having my little self-obsessed ramblings being emailed about the place pleases me.

(A quick aside: sorry it’s been acting up lately. My fault I think. I’ve been stuffing around with the settings. I’ll leave it alone now. Let me know if it keeps double-sending etc.)

Then my mum forwarded me this:

Subject: [MailServer Notification]Content Filtering Notification

This email has violated the DISCRIMINATION.
and Quarantine entire message has been taken.

Message details: The Latest from Sherdie in Brisvegas

Well, of course I’m very proud.

I’d like to thank my parents, for teaching me early the correct response to something bad happening was “fucking whore bastard”, or perhaps “shit and corruption” (so well that until I was about seven or eight I was pretty sure corruption was a swear word and was always faintly shocked when it would crop up on the news. Jeez, Richard Morecroft, you can’t say that on the news. It’s the news, man! You’ll get in trouble for that shit). Props also to my bro, and the charming bunch of barefooted snotnosed scallywags I grew up with to whom “silly cunt” was (and still is) a term of endearment. And who can forget all that time spent in industrial kitchens – who needs actual words when “fuck” can cover the majority of your grammatical needs, a la, “fucked fucker fucking fucked it”.

I’m curious. I’m guessing the filter has a problem with the words fuck, shit, cunt or any of those other so-called “swear words” (sorry, couldn’t resist). As well as having questionable grammar and syntax itself. But I’m not sure how I violated the discrimination. Was it when I called Mal Brough an arse? Chris Cheney a pompous wanker? The entire Howard cabinet a misbegotten abomination? Mr Nerd a nerd? I would feel terrible if I offended any nerds.

And will this post get quarantined as well?


I feel like I should apologise for using this blog to test out the limits of email content filters. But I’m not actually sorry. And I know it’s not big or clever. You want big and clever? Go and read the comments on this post.




3 responses

14 06 2006

I love testing firewalls – in moments of boredom Lan and I have tried sending emails just with single words in them to see what makes it through.Although I’ve never been accused of discrimination by a firewall – well done Sherdy! Snaps to you!PS – I used to think ‘dumb duck’ was the rudest thing you could ever say because of how much trouble I got into for saying it once.

14 06 2006
the duck herder

oh sherdie, I am so proud of you!

16 06 2006
That Guy

Maybe it’s some heavy conspiracy government surveilance shit goin’ on….they’re onto ya Sherd, get outta there, get outta there!

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