Fluffy chickens

15 06 2006

I want to share with you all/the world this picture of the Duckherder’s chooks:

Would you look at those things? L-R that’s Nefley, Jenny and possibly Enid. Have you ever seen more silly looking animals in your life? They’re actually just fluff and a beak, and when they get wet, it’s bloody hilarious.

And they get wet often, being too stupid to come in out of the rain.

And they run into things because their feathers block their vision (unless the Duckherder has given them mohawks, which she does from time to time).

They are a perfect example of what happens when people get ideas about breeding and end up in an evolutionary cul-de-sac. They have no purpose in life but to look silly. If Paris Hilton were to have chooks, she’d have these chooks. Pointless bits of fluff, all silly noises and ridiculous head movements. Their brains are smaller than Danna Vale’s.

And I love them.

It’s a bit disturbing how much I love them. It’s embarrassing. But they bring me endless amusement. I feel warm and fuzzy just looking at them.

And I hate it when people post pictures of their babies or their pets on their blogs. NOBODY CARES. It takes the normal level of self-indulgence inherent in blogging to a whole new level of navel-gazing.

Here’s one of my Nefley in all her glory anyway.

EDIT: For those who were confused by this post of OPP (other people’s pets), Nefley used to be one of my chooks in the Fluffy Sharehouse of Girly Joy. She, along with Turbo-Daphne and Cecil, went to kind foster homes last December. They send me photos and updates on their progress because I am that kind of girl.




4 responses

16 06 2006
Mark Disher

It is not disturbed to love one’s chooks, we love ours too and have posted them, chec them out at: http://www.mountainchooks.blogspot.comhope you like them-cheers

16 06 2006

If Paris Hilton were a chook (in more than the perjorative sense) this is the type of chook she would be.

16 06 2006
the duck herder

now to be fair to you sherdie, and the stupid chickens, I feel I must update you with some important very-stupid-chicken news….. the stupid things have made a collective decision (last ditched effort at collective bargaining in these heady IR days?) to lay two eggs a day (Even Miss Nefley!)- in WINTER in CANBERRA….like, its MINUS 5 at night, like, even the REAL chooks (not shown in photos) are having mornings off because it is sooooo cold. Real chickens have fluffless naked combs and feet! So, my point is, like, the fluff is (somewhat surprisingly) a special combination of extreem ridiculously paris hilton in Norway-eske form and…erm.. FUNCTION! ….who would have thought? … Oh, and silly fluffy black chook is called Zefal

10 06 2008

They are over all cute but what i realy whant to know is what is the name of theese funny looking things? As my dad is renting an elotment and is planning on getting some chickens he says i can have a few but i will have to show him wich ones i whant i would love some like this (in the coulor black) and just need to know what they are called thank-you replay soon

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