Less Sherdie, more Brisvegas

16 06 2006

Now that I’ve been here for six months, (and, btw, passed the 100 posts mark a few posts ago… and I didn’t even notice!), I think I can start making ill-informed comments on Brisvegas itself. So, I’m going to try to make one post a week about Brissie. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I’ll start small, with Where I Live.

My little flat is within spitting distance of the Racecourses (both of them) and Racecourse Road. On race days our street is littered with screeching drunk girls in flimsy dresses and half-mangled fascinators staggering along awkwardly in too-high heels. Good times. They’re usually on their way to the Hamilton Pub, up the other end of the road, to be pawed by collar-up demi-thugs with designer shirts and too much hair product. We call this the Skank-a-thon.

I’ve never been to the races. Not too sure why. Somehow it doesn’t appeal.

On non-race days it’s a pretty nice place to live. We are up the dodgy end of the suburb, down the hill and away from the big rich houses, nestled among the non-renovated Queenslanders and subdivided houses with six cars parked out the front. Racecourse Road has a pretty good array of restaurants, cafes and overpriced boutiques selling Nigella Lawson bowls and ugly dresses. My favourite thing about it is the poinciana trees lining the road – luckily that Queensland thing for cutting trees down “for neatness” missed those ones. Although this is unfortunate for the participants in the Skank-a-thon as the tree roots make the footpath all bumpy.

There’s a really good Thai restaurant, That Thai, which does a killer Tom Kha and isn’t kidding about the ‘hot’ option. My only problem with it is I’m not sure how to pronounce the name. Alliteration suggests the T is hard, Tat Tai… but I’m not sure… and I could just ask but I can’t bring myself to do it.

That’s all I can think of for now. Plus I should probably do some work. Suggestions welcome.




3 responses

16 06 2006
That Guy

All my Brisso mates keep saying something about The Valley….ever been there?….

17 06 2006

Yes, I am somewhat familiar with the Valley and its fine establishments…

17 06 2006
Mangoman's manager

Your Thai contact from school days would know. What is a fascinator? I keep seeing it written about but, as I haven’t seen a sign in tropical shops, my guess is it’s a keep-warm thing like a shawl? Am I right?

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