Seedy Saturday Surfing

17 06 2006

OK, so I don’t usually get around to posting on a Saturday.

But this needs to be shared.

The Llama song (warning – if you are at work, turn your sound down or they’ll know you’re not actually working, you idiot).

As Alby would say, GOLD!!

Now fuck off, it’s Saturday night.




2 responses

19 06 2006

Absolute GOLD!!

20 06 2006

Llama Llama Duck lyrics Artist – LlamaAlbum – Various SongsLyrics – Llama Llama Duckhere’s a llamathere’s a llamaand another little llamafuzzy llamafunny llamallama llamaduckllama llamacheesecakellamatabletbrickpotatollamallama llamamushroomllamallama llamaducki was once a treehousei lived in a cakebut i never saw the waythe orange slayed the rakei was only three years deadbut it told a taleand now listen, little childto the safety raildid you ever see a llamakiss a llamaon the llamallama’s llamatastes of llamallama llamaduckhalf a llamatwice the llamanot a llamafarmerllamallama in a caralarm a llamallamaduckis THIS how it’s told now?is it all so old?is it made of lemon juice?doorknobanklecoldnow my song is getting thini’ve run out of lucktime for me to retire nowand become a duck

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