Quiz time

18 06 2006

Things I did over the weekend matchup quiz.

To play is simple! Match the day to the activities.

a) Friday

b) Saturday

c) Sunday

1) Drinking too much, bouncing around and lusting after Jed Kurzel at the Zoo

2) Watching the OC, knitting and darning (yes, darning, I’m so Little Women right now) my socks on the brown fake suede couch

3) Making curry, pickling chillies, surfing the net and being overly excited about the Howling Bells touring in two weeks

The Mess Hall were truly wonderful. The supports, Brissie bands Mexico City and Mary Trembles, were also some rockin’ dudes I plan on checking out again if the opportunity arises. But Jed and Cec, fabulous. Quite apart from Jed having the dubious honour of being my desktop wallpaper for the last while as The Most Beautiful Man in Oz Rock, those boys can liven up a room like nobody’s business. Even getting beer poured over my head by the very enthusiastic little boys behind me didn’t dampen (heh) the experience (to their credit, they apologised and tried to pat my head dry with their shirts, and then, giving up, burbled on about how good beer is for hair. Then we all gave up on talking and danced. A lot.).

This blogging every day business is odd. I wouldn’t get used to it. I think it’s a combination of factors. It’s getting cold. I’m poor. I have a whole week left at my boring job until I start the interesting one. Having said that I’m still aiming for every weekday. Ish.




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