20 06 2006

Holy purple congo potato Batman, it’s actually cold today.

In my rank optimism-slash-naivety-slash-bad reading of the weather this morning I neglected to take jacket or umbrella. It seemed like a good plan until the end of the day.

Damn it was chilly at that bus stop. Bloody organised people in their coats. Me in my office girl shirt.

A burly guy in a burly guy’s jacket sat next to me on the bus and radiated. I leeched his warmth like a little heat vampire and pondered the festiness of the condensation on the inside of the bus windows. That’s been in people’s lungs, man.

Then got rained on all the way home.

The whole time marvelling that if I was still in that place a thousand kilometres south I would probably have died of hypothermia waiting for the bus.

Novelty still not worn off the lack of ice on the inside of the windows each morning. This is winter? Bring it on.




4 responses

20 06 2006
That Guy

Chilly? HA! I laugh in your general direction….Mmmm, a bath with a book holder…there’s gotta be a quid in that!….Maybe Johnny can live in another tree down the valley somewhere…And no walls? You freak!;-D

20 06 2006

i hear it takes you 3 winters to thin/thicken the blood. so far it’s working. this is my third winter in Brithbane and i’m finally wearing sweaters. …and it’s the first time i’ve wanted to knit something chilly in the friend lives where she says it gets cold enough that your boogers freeze. and i really want to know what that is like.

21 06 2006

Are you wearing a coat today?

21 06 2006

I am wearing a coat today. Snug as the proverbial etc. I have an awful image of icicles hanging out of noses now. Ew.

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