Use the force, Swanny

21 06 2006

Wayne Swan is a nerd! Next he’ll be asking “What would Buffy do?”*

‘Over the top’ Senate fears dismissed
Federal Government MPs and senators have been defending changes to the Senate inquiry process amid anger from Labor and the minor parties.
Late yesterday, the Government announced it will be cutting the number of Senate committees from 16 to 10, and will only allow Coalition senators to chair them.
Federal Opposition Kim Beazley has described the changes as an “act of evil”.
Another senior Labor politician, Wayne Swan, says the Government has let its power go to its head.
“Darth Vader would be very proud of the Howard Government this morning,” he said.
“They have finally this morning … managed to neuter the Senate – what’s next the Death Star?

Not entirely sure why I find this so funny. I think it’s the image of Howard as Darth Vader. “Kim… I am your father…”

Heh heh.

* Please note I consider this a perfectly valid question.




3 responses

21 06 2006

So maybe he should have gone with a hell mouth reference. Now THAT would have been cool!

21 06 2006
the duck herder

I am more of a “What would Lassie do?” kind of a girl.

22 06 2006

Speaking of nerds, did you know the ACT government server (one of them, anyway) is called “Aragorn”? Miff’s right when she says they’ll take over the world one day. If only they weren’t doomed to die out due to failure to reproduce, that is.

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