All your cake are belong to us

23 06 2006

Despite lacking actual technical knowledge and/or ability to frag, I’m no stranger to the gamenerd phenomenon. I used to live in The Sharehouse of Nerd, with a house LAN, a computer in every room and designated TVs for TV-watching and for gaming. I even once built my own computer (from hand-me-downs that my housemates decided were no longer good enough) and made my boyfriend at the time cry because his grudgingly donated, still quite powerful graphics card “made Tetris look really pretty” (he was a crap boyfriend anyway).

But even I would not be so nice to my nerd-betrothed:

If you thought this was an isolated phenomenon, think again! Mr Nerd has sent me a Gamecube version and a Playstation version.




5 responses

23 06 2006
That Guy

Wikkid, cake and gaming…why not include another quality pass-time of all the hardcore gamers I’ve ever known and make it a GREEN gaming cake for all to enjoy…ah the genius – where’s the Goodwin St couch when you need it!….

23 06 2006
That Guy

Actually, yeah, now I think about it, whatever did happen to that noble couch of historical infamy?…

24 06 2006

It lives on! The remnants of the Nerd House acquired it when I left and it’s now in Watson… still in good, or at least, the same, condition apparently!

27 06 2006
Mr Nerd (?!)

Yup, we’re taking good care of it.

28 06 2006

Mr Nerd,I’m sorry you don’t like my blogname for you, as evidenced by the (?!) you felt moved to put after said appellation. Personally I’ve grown quite fond of it over the last few months, but I can understand how it might not really fit your actual reality. So I’ve come up with an alternative for you:Mr I Have a Hot Girlfriend, Drive a Kombi, Go Surfing in Summer and Snowboarding in Winter, Own a Drumkit and a Bass Guitar, Play Soccer Since Before It Was Cool, Have a Wide Circle of Friends and Interests and Apart From My Mobile which is Nerdly-to-the Max and the Fact I PROGRAM COMPUTER GAMES FOR A LIVING and the Multiple Game Consoles I Own I am Barely Even a Nerd.Which, if you don’t mind, I shall abbreviate to Mr Nerd. Better now? Heh.

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