First technorati, tomorrow the internet

28 06 2006

I don’t know why people would do this (and then send me the link), but if you go to technorati and search for “Mal Brough”, guess whose blog has three results on the second page?

Ha HA!

That’ll be four now, I guess.

I did some of my own research just now and discovered if you search for “Mal Brough is an arse” you only get one result.

That’ll be two now, I guess.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.




One response

3 07 2006

hahahahaha. According to my site meter, people have gotten onto my blog using the following search terms:”breast feeding past the age of 4″”if I have 5 bundy rums can I still breastfeed my baby?””unlimited head jobs””men wearing frilly pink skirts”I wish I could say I was kidding… 😛

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