People are crazy

29 06 2006

I love finding out how the mind works, or more specifically, how people’s brains make them act in a weird way.

Like this story (from New Scientist) about people behaving more honestly when they remember someone could be watching them. It puts me in mind of the way a lot of religions have omniscience or at least some sort of ubiquity as an attribute of their god/s. Clearly a clever strategy, now scientifically proven to make people 2.76 times more likely to follow their chosen straight and narrow.

I found it a bit depressing too. As a self-styled atheio-free-will-itarian, I like to think people would do the right thing* because it is the right thing to do.

I hope I’m still (just) young enough for that statement to be artless and optimistic rather than ignorant and blind.

* Moral relativism yada yada yada




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