Something else I (re)learnt

29 06 2006

Cough syrup.

Remember that stuff from when you were a kid?

You know how kids are crazy?

Last night was very cheap because I didn’t spend any money on beer. Was jittery, talked too fast about random shit in short bursts to people standing by, alternated between inappropriate emotional responses and feeling floaty and detached, and then ran out of energy and wanted to go home for a cherry-flavoured hit.

That’s because cough syrup makes you act like a speed demon. Before you feed it to your children, try reading the ingredients list. See that bit about “contains 98% amphetamine”? They’re not kidding.

Maybe next time I’ll just listen to my mum and go to the naturopath.* It would be better for my kidneys, and probably for my social skills as well.

* I won’t, but I’ll think about it. Maybe if they bulk-billed I’d go.




One response

3 07 2006

LOL. Wow, surely this is important information to know!! I will be looking at cough syrup differently hehe. And another BrisVegas girl who reads New Scientist? Surely not!! 😀

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