Overheard at the coffee shop today

13 07 2006

Teenage coffee making girl #1: I totally love Harvey as boy’s name. When I have a baby, I’m going to name it Harvey. As long as it’s a boy.

TCMG #2: Oh, totally. I like Dylan for a girl. Or Drew.

TCMG #1: Oh my god me too!

TCMG #2: It’s cos of Drew Barrymore being Dylan in Charlie’s Angels.

TCMG #1: Oh my god yeah! She’s so cool. I really like her. You can just tell that if you met her, she’d like, be your best friend ever.

TCMG #2: Yeah, I like her because she’s so, you know, real and stuff. Not all Hollywood like Lindsay Lohan.

TCMG #1: Ugh, totally. She’s so orange and fake.

TCMG #2: I like Lindsay for a girl’s name though.

TCMG #1: Totally.




5 responses

13 07 2006

oh. my. god.

13 07 2006

I bet there’s a bunch of young women just itching to call their daughter ‘Pink’ too.

14 07 2006

The girl who makes my coffee at work is also orange, like Lindsay Lohan. She’s very cool (coffee girl, not Lindsay Lohan) – she has crimped hair which she wears in a side pony-tail with a wide headband over the top, and really thik eyeliner in two stripes just under her eyes. And her orange fake tan finishes at the wrist, so she has white hands. I’m not sure what her name is though…the girl who used to make coffee is called Lindsay though(she’s not orange…)

15 07 2006
That Guy


17 07 2006

suburban hairdresser 1 to suburban hairdresser 2:sh1: Did you here that Dave’s sister just got engaged?sh2: Oh my god REEEEEEALLY? When? Has she got a ring?sh1: Yeah, apparently it’s real nice, Nicole told me it’s got TWO carats.sh2: What does 2 carats mean? would it be better if it only had one? or is more better?sh1: Nah, carats doesn’t mean it’s better or bigger or anything just that it’s more… carated.

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