Notes to self

15 07 2006

For the Butterfly Effect gig tonight:
1) Do not try to get into the front of the mosh pit.
2) Earplugs. Remember the earplugs.
3) No moshing. Do not mosh.
4) Do not get broken in the mosh.




6 responses

15 07 2006

good luck sherdie!

15 07 2006

and have fun!!

16 07 2006

Hey you went too? Awesome. Did you notice they were filming it?

17 07 2006

Yep, I would have been easy to see. Black and green shirt, lots of eyeliner… no? I had pink shoes on… no? I was a bit drunk… still no?It surely was awesome.

18 07 2006
Russell Allen

I think pretty much everyone went…did you see members of other brissie bands in the audience…shifter etc

18 07 2006

um… no I didn’t. Dammit! Obviously I need to get better glasses/drink less.

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