Maybe I need a better reminder system for those notes

16 07 2006

I hurt. I ache. I’m bruised. I have a bit of a black eye.

I remembered the earplugs though. Black eyes heal, but tinnitus is forever.




2 responses

17 07 2006

Hindsight notes:Hearing comes back accompanied by pain.In addition, trying to hold back the seething, sweaty mass of Briswegian faux metal heads from crushing random young ladies and your sister leads to incredibly sore muscles in all sorts of places. ie, girls in the mosh deserve all they get, particularly the one who abused me for treading on her toe while I was in the process of saving her from crushing, stinking humanity.(The satisfaction gained from leaving her to her fate and watching from the side as her face mashed against the wall created much good feeling and much bad karma)

17 07 2006

Not so much bad karma. As a girl, in the mosh, I expect and give no (more) quarter (than my breasts otherwise provide, either directly or by influencing those around me). Note the difference in fates between your quite excellent sister and said mashed-face girl. One, when left to her own devices in the mosh, emerged largely unscathed (slight bruising notwithstanding). The other had to leave the mosh suddenly after her erstwhile protectors (being, you, and to a lesser extent, me) got jack of her stupid comments and dirty looks and clear lack of understanding of why we would occasionally push against her. Whereupon we stopped being nice, she got mashed, and justice was done. Silly cow. If you have personal space issues, DON’T STAND UP THE FRONT AT A BUTTERFLY EFFECT GIG.

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