Training rage

16 07 2006

At the risk of getting a bit too much like overheardinnewyork, some gems made by a woman on my training course.

Coffee is weird. It’s like there’s something addictive in it.

I watch Today Tonight every day. I like to keep up with news and stuff.

Those guys that sell magazines on the street always look like homeless people. Can’t they get better looking people to sell the magazines?

[to the trainer]: What if I want two copies of it? Can the program make a copy of it?
Trainer: It’s probably easier just to print it twice.

I know, it’s not particularly hilarious, and it’s mean-spirited of me to make snide remarks about this woman just because she was a cretinous moron with a grating voice and annoying hair. But I was trapped in a small room with her for two days, people. Two days of “what does this button do?” and “I clicked the red x in the top corner and now the page is gone. Where did it go?” I’m all for people learning how to use the computers better, but maybe she should have tried the intro level course first.




4 responses

16 07 2006

Was this one of the training courses that had bowls of lollies? At the start you think it’s Christmas. Then after two days of chewing redskins and minties continuously your teeth feel like metal spikes in your gums.

17 07 2006

I’ve never eaten so many mints before.

17 07 2006

SO NOT MEAN-SPIRITED. she sounds hellish. i especially hate her for the big issue comment. the equivalent that happened to me recently was at a friend’s house. her flatmate was celebrating getting a pay rise by loudly declaiming:”honestly, i don’t know how anyone could live on less than 60 000 dollars a year!”my lady friend and i pointed out that we don’t go near that when we combine our incomes, not to mention people raising families on minimum wage. sometimes, i wonder if slipknot weren’t right. maybe people really do equal shit…

22 07 2006

Thanks mskp. I have pangs of intellectual-wanker-ism when I get the shits with stupid people. But you’ve made me feel better about this one.

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