21 07 2006

This is what happens when three hungry people go to the shops on the way home from work to get food for dinner.

Roast chook
White castello with green peppercorns
Chicken Crimpys
Garlic stuffed olives
Pickled onions
Whole egg mayonnaise
Red wine
Vanilla ice cream
Ice magic

Now we are going to feast gluttonously and watch Twin Peaks.

I’m excited because I’ve never seen it. We didn’t get it in the coun-tree.




6 responses

22 07 2006

My mind is whizzing with the combinations you could come up with there.Pickled onions dipped in red wine. Crimpys in mayonnaise. Ice magic on… well, everything.Enjoy!

22 07 2006

Gee, I wonder who requested the pickled onions… Sherdy, remember the day you and I ate a whole jar of them at Lan’s beach house? mmm, onion-a-liscious!

22 07 2006

Crimpys and castello – a combination not for the faint-hearted!Mmmm, pickled…

23 07 2006
the duck herder

you forgot cherry pie….

24 07 2006

You mob haven’t changed much have you? Moved from Blue Castello to the white but other than that?? But must admit have never heard of ‘crimpys’ and you know what Ice Magic does to young skin – or perhaps that was a while ago.

25 07 2006

hehehe yum 🙂

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