Fashion sense

26 07 2006

Getting dressed this morning, a combination of factors led to me wearing all black. Shirt, skirt, stockings, jumper, the whole shebang.*

Just now, when I was waiting to cross the road, there was an emo-looking guy all in black on the other side of the road. He looked at me and did that recognition thing – Hey, I like your black. Emo office workers of Brisvegas, unite.

I tried to make my look back convey, “oh, no, I’m not emo, this was just all that was clean and didn’t need ironing. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great you emo kids have your thing, I’m just not part of it, so I can’t return your subculture recognition nod. If I had to specify, I’d say I’m really more of a grunge girl, although not so much these days, and I’m older than I look,** and, well, I’m just not that good with eyeliner. Tomorrow I’ll probably wear pink. Or green.”

I don’t think I got the message across though. I felt bad for misleading him.

* Except for my gorgeous/sensible burgundy shoes.
** I am.




7 responses

27 07 2006
Mangoman's Manager

So what you’re saying is that emos can’t tell when someone is faking it??And the moral of your story: remember the terms ‘crinkle look’, ‘non-iron’, ‘wash and wear’ when next you shop for clothes – unless you like the idea of misleading impressions of course (speaking of which …) 🙂

27 07 2006

Could be that said “emo” dude was in same predicament??

27 07 2006

a jumper? in brisbane?what part of the countree do you hail from, sherdie?

27 07 2006

That’s a whole lotta meaning in one significant look! 🙂 I got this image of you both looking at each other, eyebrows wiggling, eyes shifting slightly in meaningful ways while time is slowed to a still hehehe

27 07 2006

The emo office workers of Brisbane need a leader, someone to deliver them from their own morbid existentialism.Emo’s, I give you Sherdie.

28 07 2006
the duck herder

would that make Sherdie an emo herder?poor emo boy. Sherdie would crush you like a bug! OH Sherdie – I have exciting news – I had lunch at the Hippy Queen of Norway’s house today – with new boy, who has MOVED IN!!!! and was CLEANING UP HER YARD, doing BOY stuff!!!! ANd we LIKE him!

31 07 2006

mm: yes, I am saying that. Also, speaking of which, what? anon: No, he had the hair too. mskp: a warmer part than Brisbane. My blood is thin and wussy. Mmeboff: What can I say? I am Marcel Marceau reincarnated. Bonestorm: Only if I can make them wear pink.TDH: Yay!

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