The most important meal of the day

1 08 2006

Most mornings I have rice and egg for breakfast. This is my solution to the whole breakfast issue. It’s warm, and tasty, and filling, and healthy, and easy. So I’d thought I’d share it with you in case you were sick of cereal and toast and porridge and fruit and yogurt and all those other things.


Once or twice a week, cook rice in your rice-cooker.* Package up portions in gladwrap and freeze.**

This step is not crucial, but makes the rest of it much easier.

Take out a packet of frozen cooked rice, and pop it in the microwave for about a minute and half. This will reheat it nicely.

Chuck the rice in a bowl. It’s probably a good idea to take it out of the gladwrap at this stage. Break an egg over the top, and use your chopsticks to break the yolk and mix it up a little. This bit is up to your tastes. B likes to mix the egg right through the rice. I like to just kinda swirl it around a bit on the top. K is somewhere in between.

Put it back in the microwave for somewhere between 30 and 60 seconds, depending on how cooked you want your egg.

Season with salt and pepper, or soy sauce, or fish sprinkles, or whatever. Enjoy.

Instead of egg, you can substitute natto, or pickles, or leftover whatever. Roast pumpkin on rice is delicious (thanks K). Maybe check with your housemates first about the natto though. It’s stinky. But good in summer when it’s too hot for egg.

* If you don’t have a rice cooker, well, can you get one? Failing that, I recommend the absorption method after rinsing your rice 2-3 times first. Let your rice sit for about 15 minutes with the lid on off the heat (or with the rice cooker off) when it has finished cooking to make it fluffy and tasty.
** Rice is not friends with the fridge. The only time you should put rice in the fridge is when it is destined for fried rice. I feel quite strongly about this.




8 responses

1 08 2006

Never ever natto!!

1 08 2006
That Guy

Cheers Sherd,I’ve been looking around for some kind of breakfast change, so just maybe I’ll give it a go…also, cheers for 15 min leaving tip!…

2 08 2006

So yum! If your up for an extra step or 2 try adding a touch of milk for creaminess + a handful of sultanas /raisins/ apricots, basically any dried fruit.

2 08 2006

Sounds nice. Would I have to pay you a commission for putting me onto this idea? Say, $10 per breakfast? I think that would be only fair.

2 08 2006

I agree with Mangoman. Natto smells like old socks and has this disgusting consistency that’s kind of stringy and sticks to your face! Yuck – avoid at all costs. P.S my tip for rice is Goma Shiro. It’s this fabulous mixture of black sesame seeds and salt that you sprinkle on rice. It’s available at your local asian store. Yum

2 08 2006

Great idea! All hail Sheride – Queen of Breakfast!! 🙂

7 08 2006

Just call me Nigella. Or Delia. Or whatever. ps natto is good shit.

14 08 2006
That Guy

Hi Sherd,Umm, I did the egg on rice thing for breakfast this morning but it’s a while since I read this entry and I failed to remember that you actually break the egg over the rice and then put it back in the microwave….I fried the egg and put it straight on top, which as it turns out is actually more difficult and not as nice I’m sure…oh well, five more to go this week so I’ll keep you posted…

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